Sifting through countless resumes and still not finding the right fit? Tired of high turnover among your sales teams?

We can help you find your next star employee.

Our Experience:

Over the last two decades, we’ve built a reputation for being the best recruitment support resource for hi-tech software, hardware and IT services firms. We offer a wealth of experience and knowledge to our valued clients— this results in high-powered sales teams to support you in reaching your company goals. Our team focuses exclusively on the East Coast, from New England through the Mid-Atlantic states. With our deep experience and knowledge of this region, we’re able to quickly locate and recruit the top sales people, pre-sales systems engineers and sales executives in the area.

Our Process:

We have a meticulous, thorough recruitment process we dedicate to all of our candidates. In today’s competitive market, you need a partner with a proven, organized and tailored method of selection and placement. Every search we launch consists of the following:
- Client interview and needs examination
- Determining characteristics of ideal candidate(s)
- Developing a strategic, cohesive plan of recruitment based on results of our analysis
- Thorough screening of our appropriate data pools for quality candidates
- Interview strategy and execution
- Constant client communication and updating
- Pooling and distinguishing top potential candidates
- Discreet reference checks
- Preparing candidate job offers
- Follow-up and new hire analysis

Our Support:

We’re affiliated with First Interview, an invaluable resource for top recruiting firms. As a member of First Interview, we have access to state-of-the-art recruiting tools and qualified candidates. The network works with only the best in the industry— by supporting this quality group of recruiters, First Interview is able to continue to offer an unmatched standard of excellence. First Interview is the largest network of independent sales and marketing recruiters in the world.

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